Dropping The H-Bomb


Mukesh Manjunath

Recently I dropped the H-Bomb. Nope. This is not another post/advertisement/meme/YouTube Video/gif/picture/program/special or another sensory blitzkrieg on Diwali that will melt your brain into a liquidized Diwali commercial.
While talking to parents, I dropped the H-Bomb that no son must ever utter if he is to have any claims over property. I said I wouldn’t mind being a house husband if there was a steady stream of income from something I liked doing.

Let me rewind and put some context to this.
I live alone and therefore have to literally manage an entire house by myself. All the free time I have earned and the freedom that I imagined goes into only four activities: buying groceries, cooking, washing dishes and going back to the grocery store because I forgot to buy phenyl.

One day my father and his friend were coming to visit me. A word about my father’s friend:…

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This Post was Awkward to Write

Mukesh Manjunath

I want to talk about something that’s a little embarrassing and people might find it uncomfortable to read. So before you proceed, note that I am squirming as I write this. So if you think it is difficult to read, imagine how difficult it is to write. So here goes!

I want to be a Pakistani shepherd.

Sorry. Fine! I’ll tell you the truth. I want to talk a bit about male molestation. *A random goat in Pakistan who is reading this just went “how the tables have turned”.*

So you might be thinking how and why I chose this topic. On a bus journey back from what was nearly a perfect holiday, I was woken up abruptly when the bus I was travelling in hit a speed breaker so hard and fast, I felt like I was inside the belly of a drunk Malyali uncle fighting an angry Bengali…

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Direction of Learning


I had to wait for almost 3 months to finally publish the 2nd Blog. Nevertheless, I chose to finish it and publish on this amazing day. So yeah, Happy Republic Day, everyone.

A young guy graduated from his Engineering 2 years ago. He faired a bit average in academics, and that didn’t land him in a job (Obviously, no one wants an average engineer in their company). So he waited, not giving up his hope on this country’s economy which told him 6 years ago that if he becomes an engineer, there’s lot of “scope” to do well in life. 2 Recessions and a Depression happened in 6 years.
Result- He’s still jobless (read: unemployed).
When in the past 2 years the nation has seen a massive rise in the Start Up culture, how simple concepts can change the country, and change income levels, He thought he’ll start a business of his own. He had a brilliant idea on the back of his head. So far, So good. This is where the problem had started. The guy had no skills and no money. The school he studied in taught him methods of getting into good colleges. The college he studied in taught him methods to get a good job (he didn’t learn those well, clearly). Where would he learn “How to build a business?” or “How to approach and talk to people?” or “How to express your ideas clearly?” ? Well, money is definitely not a challenge these days is it? You have a plan to execute? Great! Money will follow. So, our man is stuck there. Between his parents who heavily doubt on him if he can fare well in business when could not even do well in academics, and his emergency need to “acquire new skill set and thought process” that is required to start off. There are people who say, “If You want to do it, You will do it at any cost“. Let’s keep that aside for a bit and talk about something more serious and important, keeping this year’s new Global Risk Report (2016, published by WEF) in mind.

Unemployment doesn’t seem to get off this list ever. The GRR 2016, has put up Unemployment as top 4th risk of the world. Plight of India in this case is well accounted and well known. Do we still have the luxury of blaming this situation on the Economic crises/slowdowns? or Technological Changes? Technology changes. That’s what it does. It goes forward. Humans should do the same. Rather, Humans actually do move forward. It’s the system of imparting the ways to Learn and Earn that are not moving ahead, which causes the problems such as Unemployment. We can take this argument further and define how tons of problems in India can be potentially solved, given we change the ways how we Learn and Earn (More on this to follow). This has been put across already by a lot of Thinkers, Economists and Social Workers, of course. There is a serious need that every citizen has to be aware of situations like these and keep it in their mind that when finally someone would come up with a solution for this problem, they make sure to go through it and approve or disapprove. For their own sake and their future generations’ sake. We’ve seen what online petitions are doing these days and how the power to impact decisions in the Government is getting decentralized into the hands of common people.

Specially, everyone who is either studying or just into their “bread-winning” days, have to understand that it’s their basic right as well as duty, to be sensitive towards the quality of education they receive, question which they feel is outdated, demand for new topics that need attention, keeping their career choices in mind, and not just follow the academic culture in hope of acquiring employment. As long as the schools are concerned, it’s a responsibility of policy makers to ponder over a thought that- is the nation’s future going in the right direction, given there have been no reforms in the academic culture and processes for QUITE SOMETIME now?

This blog was just about putting my thoughts in the right place to construct the next blog in the right tone. In the next write up, I would want to project certain ideologies which people may call Radical. 🙂

Hari Nilesh.

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Ethos- Digging in the self.


In the first blog of mine, I’m starting with something which will project further coming ideology. There is a need of understanding where and why are our Ethics emerging from. From as simple as Religious Faith to as big as looking at things like Stock Market, Ethics play a great role in determination. It’s been my interest to understand how people think what they tend to think about so many things, but for that, I first had to understand why I’m thinking what I’m thinking in the first place.

My Ethics come from early acquaintance with Ideology of Nanna (my Father). Not very Old was I when He gave me books on Freedom Fighters, Religious epics, and Publications of Ramakrishna Ashram. The common feature of all these books was one person, who would be the protagonist, who was brave and would always took risks. Be it Veer Savarkar, Chatrapati Shivaji, Lord Krishna, Angulimala, Bhagat Singh, Swami Vivekanada or Abhimanyu. Everyone loved taking risks. Thus I formed the most important value I carry today: Fearlessness. A self thought made me realise that the career I chose, the friends I made, the actions that I take up were all taken up as a challenge once. The nature of risk-taking, however, never drove Me to do anything wrong. This is because the literature that has influenced me so much always had massive levels of Positivity in them. The characters involved always focused on being morally and ethically right. What drove my action when I decided to be a Entrepreneur/Businessman is an internal reflex. This was because I felt it would be Ethically wrong on my part if I choose to be a person who is seeking job in a country which has none to give. My ethics tell me that I have to take a risk of building my enterprise which will provide solutions for Unemployment.

The Moral Compass built in me always made me believe in what was Right according to me, even when there were significant number of people opposing. Again, an element of risk taking and being Ethical diving in here. While a lot of people tried teaching how bad too much money was, I focussed on the possibilities to better people’s lives through Money. Well, Nanna was right when he said- “We need to stand out in the crowd, but not as Bad person, but a Good one. Both Good and Bad stand out. You need to choose the right one.” As simple and common these words may seem, every single word in those two lines is focussed on building a Rock-Strong Ethical Base.

– Hari Nilesh.

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